Hand-lettering is not a lost art. In fact, in these days of digital world where much of designing in done in the computer, there is a resurgence of hand-made art and therefore, the demand for this type of art has increased. With lettering, you can create a variety of work for different purposes while having fun doing something you love. Learn how to master this craft! Enrol yourself in a workshop and make a thriving career for yourself. 


Mastering the art of hand-lettering may not be an easy thing to do but it definitely is something you can achieve! Let me help you learn the fundamentals of lettering and the different techniques to build your own letterforms and develop your unique lettering style!

This series is a 2-day course which aims to help you understand the basic structure and principles of lettering. I will help you learn and identify all the nuances of the 26 letters of the alphabet so you can understand how each of them can give you the best potential result when creating your own artwork. You will then dive into the art of creating letters and put what you've learned into practice! 

** If you have completed my Intro to Hand-Lettering and Advanced Lettering Techniques, you may enroll on the Day 2 class only. Please read further to understand the differences of both classes prior to signing up.

DAY  1 | August 18, 2018 | 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Intro to Hand-Lettering and Advanced Lettering Techniques - learn the fundamentals of lettering and understand how each of the individual letters are structured in order to create your own letterforms. In this modules, you will learn how to draw the letters individually, form them into words, style them in various ways and embellish them as needed. This is perfect for total beginners and with little to no experience in handlettering.

  • Fundamentals of Typography
  • Understanding Letter Structures
  • Drawing Letters
  • Styling Letterforms
  • Lettering in Paths
  • Lettering in Shapes
  • Drop Shadows
  • Class Project


DAY  2 | August 19, 2018 | 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Script Lettering and Lettering Compositions - explore the world of script lettering and learn different methods to letter elegant letterforms and create stunning compositions. In this modules, you will learn to draw different scripts from your own cursive handwriting and those inspired by different eras. You will get accustomed to composition and what makes a good piece into a better artwork. We will dive into the nitty gritty details of composition so you can make conscious decisions for your artwork. This course requires Day 1 modules - please make sure you've completed the previous course before enrolling to this one.

  • Introduction to Script Lettering
  • Basic Cursive Writing
  • Basic Script Lettering
  • Case Study
  • Introduction to Composition and Hierarchy
  • Thumbnail Concepts
  • Refining your Concepts
  • Understanding decision factors for layout selection
  • Self-critique
  • Creating your Final Layout
  • Refining and Polishing your Layout
  • Inking
  • (BONUS LESSON) Preparing your Layouts for Social Media 


Venue: Caffe Vergnano | 26 Beach Road, South Beach Avenue, #B1-17, 189768

All materials and light snacks (am/pm) will be provided for the duration of the workshop. 

See you there!

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Hand-Lettering Workshop

  • Caffe Vergnano 26 Beach Road, South Beach Avenue, #B1-17, 189768 Singapore (map)

Hand-lettering has gotten so much attention as of late. In this digital age where designing work is usually done in the computer, people crave for human connection and therefore, the demand for handmade art has increased! Lettering is a very effective way of conveying a message or an idea that fonts simply cannot achieve.

You too, can learn and master this craft! In this whole day workshop, you will learn about the principles of hand-lettering as well as her techniques and process in creating beautiful letterforms. If you have been confused about how to begin, this is the perfect class for you! You will go home with a ton of knowledge and a finished artwork by the end of the class!


Ideal for beginners and intermediate letterers who need to understand the basic principles and practices of drawing letters. No prior knowledge necessary. 

Tools and materials provided for this workshop:

  • Lettering Pad
  • Lettering Tools (pencil, fine tip pen, eraser, compass, white gel roll pen, ruler)
  • Printed hand-outs.

This workshop will take place at Caffe Vergnano (near Esplanade MRT, exit F).

WORKSHOP FEE: $140.00 inclusive of materials and snacks




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Tokyo, Japan



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