YOU CAN. End of Story.


I did this quote a while back and I want to show you how it evolved from my first design to this one. I love it because this quote hits home.

I grew up with very low self-esteem. I have always doubted that I can do something good and in every single thing I do, I always play it safe. I kept a low profile.

Eventually, I realize there is no one in this world who can really help me but myself. I have no memory where it all began but over time, I have developed this belief that if others can do it - so can I! From then on, I kept believing and I don't wait for things to happen -


So, here's a little story of how this layout evolved.


This was my first layout of this quote. Somehow, people liked it and some have even sent me messages to purchase it. It was a good feeling. However, the designer in me can't settle to sell this one. I knew I have to redo it. So I put selling it on hold until I have done a better version.


A few days ago I did this one. I like it better than the first one although the layout doesn't look perfect and it has invisible flaws, that I can fix digitally.


With a little Illustrator help, I was able to give my old layout a twist that I like and something I can really be proud of.