Thyroid Test for Alphonse


It was early yesterday morning when we went back to the hospital. Another test was requested to be done for Alphonse. This time, it's his thyroid. Although his Newborn screening result is good, they wanted to make sure that at 4 weeks of life, there won't be any problem or if there is, it can be worked up early.

We went to his pediatrician first to have his second dose of Hepatitis B vaccine. Good news is, after 4 days since we last saw the doctor, he gained another 200 grams so he now weighs 3.4 kgs. This is the first time I've heard him cry so loud, and although it got me nervous, part of me is happy to hear him crying. It's probably because I heard something from him - from my precious son.


We headed to ambulatory department and there, they got blood samples for testing. The procedure was easy but Alphonse was a little irritated while the lab tech was extracting blood. He cried a lot there too and lucky me, he's so easy to pacify.


The result was out after 4 hours of waiting. They took extra hour to complete the report since they said they needed a "re-run". I already had a hint that something is wrong so I immediately went to meet with his endocrinologist after I got a hold of the papers. I wasn't wrong.

The results of his TSH is very high. The doctor explained everything to me and from her diagnosis, Alphonse has sub-clinical hypothyroidism and will need to start taking medications soon if his pediatrician and cardiologist will give clearance that it will not compromise his heart condition. One bad news of the day - he'll be on thyroid meds for the rest of his life. The only consolation is, at least there's medication for the illness.

I know this isn't a very serious case but as a mother, I can't help but grieve over another thing that I know my son will have to face forever. Will it end here? Will there be more? We can't tell right now. We will have more tests to undergo in the next couple of days.


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