What To Do When You Have Fewer Photos in a Week?


So you've started this project called Project Life - but you can't catch up on capturing a lot of photos you need for your pages every single week. And sometimes, admit it, you just want to take a break from taking photos. It happens. Don't be too hard on yourself. We are memory keepers, we preserve life and memories but we are also individuals who need a break from something from time to time.

So how can I make a page if I have less photos in a week?

Don't fret - I know you probably don't like to just fill your pages in with cards and no photos so here's a little trick to fill up a portion or even an entire page using a single photo.

Here's the thing. We moved early this month so we were all particularly busy with unpacking, reorganizing, cleaning, laundry and a whole lot more. There were days when I just want to give myself a rest from everything. This week, is particularly one of those weeks where I've take a few photos to scrap on my page. However, there is one photo that I like and I want it to have the biggest part of my week.

Here's what I did.

I opened my Hopscotch Template in Photoshop.


I want this particular photo to be on the right topmost portion of my page occupying the 5 spots I marked.


I assembled the layers together, right click and selected Merge Layers.


Then, I placed the photo on to of my merged layers and adjusted the photo size to fit.


Then, I clipped my photo to the merged layer


There you have it - 1 photo is lying on top of multiple journal spots in your page. You can do it partially like this or make your photo occupy your entire spread. Just merge all the layers, put the photo on top and clip it like we did here.

I don't like how my daughter's face was cut in here so I made a little adjustment in my layer to combine the 2 spots to make it a little better. Here's what the final Week 28 spread look like.




folder mdl_icmsunshine mdl_weekstamps