Peppermint Hand Warmers by Terresa Burnham

mye blog december Peppermint scented hand warmers are on the blog today!  Have you heard the saying cold hands warm heart?   If you live in a cold climate you know what I mean.  Our Utah winters can be very cold.  This year the little hands and the big hands at our house are going to be toasty warm! These little warmers are so clever.  You can easily put together a few in no time at all.

Supply list:

4 pieces of 4"x 4"  fabric Pinking shears Peppermint oil Sewing machine and thread Uncooked rice Card stock print

sewing machine

To Make:

Put your two pieces of fabric right sides together. Cut around the fabric square with pinking shears Use your sewing machine or hand stitch around three of the edges, leaving at least a 1/4 inch. Fill a square 3/4 of the way with rice adding some peppermint oil. Hand sew or machine stitch the final opening closed.


Now that you have some peppermint hand warmers for toasty little hands you are ready to design a print of instructions to go with the warmers.  I printed mine 4" x 4" on card stock with the Snuggle Up Collection.  These peppermint scented warmers make a great stocking stuffer.  Or a gift for a teacher or friend this Christmas. When they are warmed up they smell amazing!


Cozy hands and warm hearts this winter from our home to yours!