2.3.13 Update | Hearing Test & More


January 27th | Alphonse is 1 month old

Time sure flies fast - our bundle of joy is now a month old. And that photo is his first smile ever captured on camera. He's growing wonderfully well and that makes me so happy. Despite the fact that we discovered he has subclinical hypothyroidism, we're still very happy that there are meds to help him.


January 29th | Hearing Tests & More

I'm still bad at taking hospital photos - the one above is Al with my mom.

Today, we've spent more than 12 hours in the hospital. We arrived early morning to have his hearing tests done. Results were still "Refer" so we immediately rushed to his pedia for interpretation. It was his 4th hearing tests and because he still didn't pass, we were referred to another specialist - a pedia ENT. We didn't get to meet her today.  Good news is, Alphonse is now 3.6 kgs - he is consistently gaining weight. Thanks to breastmilk, vitamins and VCO (virgin coconut oil).

We met with his pedia cardio next and discussed about the surgery costs (once more) and the date of the operation. Alphonse has been temporarily scheduled on the 14th of February. The doctor will need to meet with his team and arrange all the details and will confirm the date next week. He is very helpful and he gives me all the information I need and I never felt like he's rushing me to discuss things because he has other patients waiting. Such a good doctor.

The last stop for the day was the geneticist where we needed to wait for more than 5 hours. It was never a gruesome wait because I've learned a lot about other people that day, their pain, their struggles, their heartaches. And it's all because of their children's cases. I can say - I am still lucky because mine is not as hopeless as some of them. With early intervention, he will be ok and I am sure of it.

Alphonse got 2 more referrals this time - a pedia opthalmologist and a developmental pedia for further evaluation and early intervention. My son may have been dealing with  a lot right now and we've been seeing 9 doctors over the last couple of days (there will probably be more), but we are hopeful - we will get THROUGH THESE things in time.

February 1 | Tummy Issues

Alphonse started having tummy issues today. He's become restless but he never cried. It pains me to see him in pain. We are breastfeeding but he's still suffering from constipation. His stool is soft and normal, it's just that he's having a hard time releasing it. We'll probably need to see his doctor again next week.

February 3 | A Little Better

He started to feel a little better today - he was able to sleep (at least some good sleep). He's been feeding well and still on meds and vitamins. We are scheduled to meet his surgeon tomorrow. He'll probably fill me in with more details about the procedure. Will keep you all posted.


Our indiegogo campaign has ended last January 28th and we received a total of $11,185 (HUGE THANK YOU!). I will still update that page regularly to inform those who are following us about Alphonse's status.

The collaborative project An Innocent Heart has sold really well - at Pixels and Company alone, it did $7940 and Gennifer Bursett has already sent me the money. Toiny of Digital Scrapbooking Studio has been forwarding me all the invoices and I am sure it did pretty well there too. Joyce Herst of Mscraps sent me over EUR1100. I have also received sales from the following: Scrap Matters, Romajo Scraps, Deep Girl Design, ScrapArtStudio, Amy Teets, My Scrap Art Digital, HunnyBee Design, Scrap from France, With Love Studio, Sus Designs, Sweet Pea Design. TRULY, THE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK COMMUNITY HAS BEEN VERY INSTRUMENTAL IN MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. THANK YOU, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!

And although I haven't fully checked well, we also received a good amount of direct pledges from our relatives, friends, bloggers, CCS high school class of '94, colleagues from Accenture and Futjisu Ten, and even from total strangers.

WE CANNOT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH! This Valentine's Day - I will be asking you once more to please keep Alphonse in your thoughts as he enters the operating room. We are staying strong because we know there are people who are with us in this battle. Our little one will be in good hands. P.S. If I missed anyone in my little thank you note, I am sorry and please let me know so I can edit the post and add you in there.