Handlettering 365 | Day 1

Last year, I have 3 projects started - all of which were left unfinished. So before the year ended, I made a commitment to myself to finish at leat 1 project to improve my drawing and handletting skills. Lettering has a special place in my heart. I was able to graduate from high school and continued college because of it. Nope, I never got into commissioned work but I was asked often by the guidance office to help with administrative tasks primarily updating the Bulletin board. I worked with my guidance counselor to prettify the office on a weekly basis and in return, they helped me get a scholarship so I can continue high school (I was on the verge of quitting school back then). Long story short, this project is kind of reuniting with my old self. It has been a loooong journey and I have forgotten most of the styles I have developed back then so I want to get the spark back, get the mojo flowing and work improving my skills further.

At the moment, I have no fixed medium. I will use whatever I have - primarily pens but I won't limit myself and I'll keep an open mind about other tools available.

For now, I just want to play and have fun and I hope you'll enjoy this journey along with me.


I did 6 variations of the letter A today - all created using Pigma Micron.