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Better Together-web

Is it really Saturday?

Don't blame me, weekend are normally my busiest because everyone is at home but today - it feels soooo quiet (if you consider quiet having two tweens in the laundry area giggling). The beauty of today is that Kris was able to put Alphonse to nap and I get some work done! Surprisingly, I made a layout!

Yesterday, it was pretty late when I finished my latest release so I decided to hold off in releasing it because I want to do something. Today, it's officially in the shop and if you can see the layout when you opened this post, that's what I used. This new kit is pretty colorful, summery, springy - outdoorsy.

The last few days I spent my day drawing in my sketchpad while Alphonse is playing. Before, it meant time to work but nowadays when he doesn't want to be left alone in his mat, it means I have to be closer and the only thing I can do when he doesn't need my attention is draw.

When I was done - I looked at it and it was such a happy feeling. It's like I made something inspired by what my child was doing - in his own world, in his own phase, in his own time. That's why I called it Secret Garden.


The bright and lovely colors plus the whimsical feeling of this kit is like a getaway to your imagination.

Better Together-web2

When I decided to scrap using this kit, I knew right away what photo to use. This is a picture of Alphonse with her sister, Elysia. It was a quiet afternoon and both of them are on bed as if they are telling secret stories with each other. It was a lovely site and I'm glad I was able to capture it.

Better Together-web3

I loved the banners I added in this layout and I decided to play with it a bit, specially the shadows. After a couple of minutes tweaking things up, I'm happy with the output.


Finally, I decided to turn the layout into a template and share it with you! I had so much fun with it and I hope you'll like it. Before you download it, be sure to read below:

  1. Template is for Personal Use only.
  2. Do not upload to any sites for sharing. If you want your friends to get it, please give them this blog link or click any sharing buttons below.
  3. Although it is not required, I'd be more than happy to see some love notes below so feel free to leave me a message!
  4. If you made a layout, don't be shy! Leave me a note below with a link to where you posted your layout, I will be very happy to see it.
  5. Have fun!

And now that you're ready, DOWNLOAD away!