Clustering Elements | Introduction


When I discovered digital scrapbooking, I am just like you. I knew nothing about style, how to start doing a layout,  the different techniques, etc. I create my page by simply putting the paper, photos and a few elements together. That's it! I didn't care about anything else.

But as I go along and get to meet other scrappers online, joined and actively participated in forums and several galleries, I saw a lot of styles and techniques being used by other scrappers. I was drawn by layouts with  lots of flowers, leaves and other embellishments and how they were beautifully clustered, layered and stacked together that it looks marvellously real!

That technique is called – Clustering.

In digital scrapbooking, clustering is putting together several embellishments in one or more spots in a layout. There is really no specific rule as to how many elements you want to use and how you should place them. It is entirely up to the scrappers preference.

It is a fun technique and it's a great way to make use of the kits your purchased.

Take a look at the samples below:


Layout by Tamara

Layout by Diane | La Boheme Digital Kit

Layout by Donna | Bits of Life Kit

by Jhari

Layout by Natascha | Carefree Digital Kit

Beautiful, aren't they?

Do you want to achieve the same kind of look in your digital layout?

There are several factors that make these pages possible and tomorrow, I'll be teaching you the essentials of clustering in this 4-part tutorial.

Before we proceed - I want to know 2 things:

1. Do you use clustering in your digital scrapbooking?

2. What part of clustering do you find challenging?

Let me know by leaving a comment. I might just be able to answer them in the upcoming posts.

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