Clipboard Calendar Frame by Terresa Burnham

 Clipboard frame

Clipboard calendar frame tutorial today!  Have I told you that one of the things I look forward to for a brand new year is a fresh new calendar.  I am going to show you how to create a clipboard calendar frame today.

Supply list:

Wood frame Card stock paper Mini clip Decorative button Glue Paint

First I chose a fun curvy frame and painted it.

007 (2)

Once the paint was dry.  I glued on a mini clip to the top center of my frame. Then I chose a decorative button and glued it over the clip.  Finally I attached the 3" x 4" inch printed calendar that Mye designed as a freebie for you.

010 (2) (1)

Now you are ready to make your very own clipboard calendar frame! I love giving these away as gifts to family and friends.

Clipboard frame1

Download 2015 calendar 3 x 4 cards! Just click on the image below to download.