30 Days of Thankful | Day 1 - 2

It has officially started! My first project, which I will be working on solidly for the next 30 days. I mentioned a few days ago that I will be joining Cathy Zielske's 30 Days of Thankful project and this is the first day of sharing our layouts! Every Friday at Cathy's blog, she'll be sharing her pages and all of us who are participating on this gets to share our links too.

Today, I was able to complete my cover page and my first 2 days worth of pages. It's pretty exciting, I must say and I am looking forward to the coming days where I will discover a lot of things that I am thankful for. I used to be someone who tend to look for something missing in my life but I want to change that attitude and be thankful of what I have instead. This project will definitely be a good source of inspiration to be able to do that.

Here are my first 2 pages.

One of the simple things in life that I am thankful for - COFFEE. I am probably one of the few who will not be able to work without her daily dose of caffeine.

Another glimpse of my boy. He was very elusive the last couple of checkups but finally, he smiled and showed his face to us.

If you want to know what I am using this project, I am using Cathy Zielske's 30 Days of Thankful Templates and my own digital scrapbook products - Gratitude Papers and Gratitude Embellishments. For the journaling, I will use the font Jenna Sue for the entire project to maintain a cohesive look.

If you are interested in joining, it's never too late! Let's all have fun and share the things we are all thankful about this November!