2013 week in the life | tuesday


We woke up on a cold and gloomy weather today. It isn't raining yet but it's pretty much predictable that it will in a few hours. Living in Singapore for more than a year now, makes me no longer afraid about the rain. Back in the Philippines, flood has always kept me awake during the night when rain starts to fall but here, the rain isn't that bad. And I like it.


It's cereal for breakfast for the girls. Elysia got up first and she already had hers by the time her sister woke up.


Then, Scieszka arrives at the dining table an hour after and requested for a bowl of cereal too.


It's the end of term 3 so the girls get a lot of time to play and after having breakfast, they started their day with the computer. I'm sure they missed it. We haven't allowed computer time for some time now.


Then, it's time for some cuddling with the little one. We both love sitting in the couch and watching and yes, even taking pictures!


And because he loved being in the couch so much. I took a picture and look! This is so far, the most adorable picture of this little boy. I can't help but squeeze his cheeks! And because someone will ask why we have that many remotes - one is for the tv, the other for the speakers, one for the Xtreamer and the last one is for the cable modem.


Then, it's time to prepare lunch and I had to put the boy back in his crib where he played - not quietly.


I went down quick to check the mail because I have been waiting for a happy mail to arrive for 2 weeks now and voila, it's there today! Lucky me because I am going to use this kit for my Week in the Life album this year.


It was a little late but I happen to recall that Jacq gave me this set of journal cards when we visited them yesterday.


Dinner was a little messy and between the crying baby and taking pictures, the chose the baby. But after dinner, I was able to finish the cover of my 2013 album, it's a first!

2 hours after dinner is bed time and my work time family. It was an overall amazing day with a little drama before it ends.

I hope you had a good Tuesday :)