2013 project life | week 45


I've got a new look on my title page! It's the first time I've done it this way but for the sake of having fun, I tried it and yeah, it looked good. It was kind of a little empty though so I added more sequins to fill up the space.


This is the week of Alphonse's ear surgery so this entire week spread is mostly about him. How he was before, during and after the admission. This is the left spread from the afternoon of his admission until the morning on the holding area before he I left him in the OR. A brave boy, despite having been deprived of milk for more than 6 hours, he did not even cry.


On the right page is him after the procedure. Apparently, it ended up with just a hearing test under general anesthesia. The doctors said he has profound hearing loss to there's no need for myringotomy. Another sad day for us but what's more important is he is with us and healthy enough to bring smile on our faces every single day. We went home that day after a few hours and I started working on my pending stuffs, including a new blog design and a logo.


Technique Used | Memorabilia - I cut off a portion of the hospital admission kit and adhered it on one of my journal cards.

SUPPLIES USED: Project Life Jade Edition Washi Tapes from Mye De Leon Thickers by American Crafts PLFooterLogo

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Core Kits and supplies used for 2013 album can be found HERE. All of my Project Life posts can be found HERE.